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The Conditions for Discharging Tax Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Some bankruptcy petitioners see all of their debts discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while others still have a few lingering debts that weren't dischargeable. The category that tax debts fall ...
Continue reading "The Conditions for Discharging Tax Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" »

Is It Possible to File for Bankruptcy If I'm Unemployed?

Wage reductions and job loss are some of the common reasons why people file bankruptcy petitions. It isn't necessary to be employed in order to file. Bankruptcy filers who are unemployed usually ...
Continue reading "Is It Possible to File for Bankruptcy If I'm Unemployed?" »

Can I Afford to Have a Pet?

Your pets are an irreplaceable part of your family. Like any other family member, pets can lead to unexpected bills. Maybe your cat has allergies and needs an expensive prescription diet food, or ...
Continue reading "Can I Afford to Have a Pet?" »

Can This App Help You Move Forward After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy lawyers understand that their clients worry about what life will be like after bankruptcy. Whether you've filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will significantly influence your ...
Continue reading "Can This App Help You Move Forward After Bankruptcy?" »

How Much Debt Qualifies Me for Bankruptcy?

There is no set amount of debt you need before you can file for bankruptcy. Every person's financial situation is unique. Schedule a consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, and bring your financial ...
Continue reading "How Much Debt Qualifies Me for Bankruptcy?" »

Reasons and Procedures for Reopening a Closed Bankruptcy Case

Even with the help of a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, the process of discharging your debts can seem lengthy. You probably wouldn't be eager to reopen the case, but there are a few circumstances ...
Continue reading "Reasons and Procedures for Reopening a Closed Bankruptcy Case" »

Can I Keep My Tax Refund After Filing for Chapter 7?

For W-2 employees, April is its own holiday season—tax refund season. And if you're in debt, you might be planning to use your refund to pay down some of those bills. Everyone's ...
Continue reading "Can I Keep My Tax Refund After Filing for Chapter 7?" »

Get the Answers to Your Questions About Debtor Education

For a bankruptcy petition to proceed, filers must meet two educational requirements. The first is an approved credit counseling course, which needs to be completed before an individual can file for ...
Continue reading "Get the Answers to Your Questions About Debtor Education" »

The Length of Your Repayment Plan

For certain debtors, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. During Chapter 13, the debts are reorganized and dealt with under a structured repayment plan. Some of those debts ...
Continue reading "The Length of Your Repayment Plan" »

The Hazards of Payday Loans

Payday loans aren't like regular loans. They're cash advances on your paycheck. It might sound like a good idea to take out a small payday loan if you can't afford to pay all of your ...
Continue reading "The Hazards of Payday Loans" »

What Is an Involuntary Bankruptcy?

Involuntary bankruptcies are quite rare. When they are filed, they typically involve a business, not an individual. An involuntary bankruptcy is filed by a creditor against a debtor who has not been ...
Continue reading "What Is an Involuntary Bankruptcy?" »

A Bankruptcy Filer's Guide to Disposable Income

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also sometimes called "wage earner bankruptcy" or "reorganization bankruptcy." Unlike Chapter 7, which discharges most or all debts once the bankruptcy is ...
Continue reading "A Bankruptcy Filer's Guide to Disposable Income" »

The Means Test and Your Private School Tuition

When you speak with a lawyer about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he or she will evaluate your income and qualifying deductions to determine if you pass the means test. This simply means that if ...
Continue reading "The Means Test and Your Private School Tuition" »

Are Medical Bills Driving You into Bankruptcy?

Along with credit card debt, exorbitant medical debts are among the most common reasons why people consider filing for bankruptcy. Even with insurance, an emergency appendectomy or unplanned C-section ...
Continue reading "Are Medical Bills Driving You into Bankruptcy?" »

Preparing for the Meeting of Creditors

The meeting of creditors, also known as the 341 meeting, is a mandatory step in your bankruptcy proceeding. Your lawyer will let you know what to expect during the meeting and how you should prepare ...
Continue reading "Preparing for the Meeting of Creditors" »

What Are Priority Unsecured Claims?

Your creditors are the people or entities to whom you owe debts. In a bankruptcy case, each of your creditors has a claim against your assets. After your bankruptcy lawyer files the petition, your ...
Continue reading "What Are Priority Unsecured Claims?" »

Common Questions About Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy is a viable option for getting a fresh financial start in life, but it does come with some requirements. Before your lawyer can file your bankruptcy petition, you must complete a mandatory ...
Continue reading "Common Questions About Credit Counseling" »

A Quick Look at the BAPCPA of 2005

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) of 2005 was signed into law for the purpose of reforming existing bankruptcy regulations. It tightened restrictions and introduced ...
Continue reading "A Quick Look at the BAPCPA of 2005" »

Why You Need a Lawyer Instead of a Petition Preparer

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. The process is complex, and a single mistake could compromise your ability to recover financially for ...
Continue reading "Why You Need a Lawyer Instead of a Petition Preparer" »

Get a Glimpse of the Meeting of Creditors

All bankruptcy petitioners must attend a meeting of creditors. The meeting of creditors is often referred to as the 341 meeting because it is required by Section 341 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This ...
Continue reading "Get a Glimpse of the Meeting of Creditors" »

Is Bankruptcy Fraud Illegal?

When you file for bankruptcy, you will be required to provide a list of your assets to the court. Failing to be thorough on that list could constitute bankruptcy fraud. It is important to ask your ...
Continue reading "Is Bankruptcy Fraud Illegal?" »

Common Questions About Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment can cause significant hardship and make it even more difficult to get back on top financially. If you are currently being subjected to wage garnishment, bankruptcy could be a ...
Continue reading "Common Questions About Wage Garnishment" »

Understanding Your Repayment Obligations

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of your debts are discharged after you have repaid as much as possible through the sale of your assets. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the picture is ...
Continue reading "Understanding Your Repayment Obligations" »

The Automatic Stay: What Are the Exceptions?

When your bankruptcy attorney files the petition on your behalf, an automatic stay goes into effect to prevent your creditors from contacting you, pursuing a civil lawsuit, or taking any other adverse ...
Continue reading "The Automatic Stay: What Are the Exceptions?" »

A Consumer's Guide to Analyzing Credit Reports

After you have received a bankruptcy discharge, you can look forward to a fresh start in life. But there's still some work that needs to be done. For example, bankruptcy does lower one's ...
Continue reading "A Consumer's Guide to Analyzing Credit Reports" »

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