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Blog Posts in February, 2011

How Does Debt Affect Your Credit Score?

As you go about your day, you may or may not realize the amount of money you are spending. Groceries, mortgage payments, and utility bills add up and can make a big dent in your finances—which ...
Continue reading "How Does Debt Affect Your Credit Score?" »

Foreclosures Continue to Rise

With debt, unfortunately, come consequences—cars, retirement funds, and even your home may be claimed if debt leads to bankruptcy. This video, provided by the Associated Press, informs viewers ...
Continue reading "Foreclosures Continue to Rise" »

Alternatives to Declaring Bankruptcy

Debt settlement is exactly what it sounds like! Our firm is hired to act as a go between for you and your creditors. You are our client and we owe a duty to you to act in your best interest only. We ...
Continue reading "Alternatives to Declaring Bankruptcy" »

Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy is an important decision, because your personal finances and assets will be greatly affected by a bankruptcy. However, if you choose to follow through ...
Continue reading "Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney" »

FAQ about Chapter 7 Bancruptcy

What are the requirements to file? You must have the type of income that passes the "means test". The means test is based on IRS median income statistics for the area where you live. There ...
Continue reading "FAQ about Chapter 7 Bancruptcy" »

Why choose Cutler & Associates for your bankruptcy filing?

Peace of mind. Cutler & Associates has over 20 years experience with debt relief in Chicagoland. What this means for you is that we can provide you with the top quality legal advice and ...
Continue reading "Why choose Cutler & Associates for your bankruptcy filing?" »

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