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Blog Posts in July, 2011

How to Stay Positive When Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can place a significant amount of strain on everything from your finances to your relationships. However, it is important to cope with bankruptcy positively and keep in mind that ...
Continue reading "How to Stay Positive When Filing For Bankruptcy" »

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Also known as liquidation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to wipe out most of your debt and stop collection agencies from harassing you. As one of the most common types of bankruptcy, thousands of ...
Continue reading "What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?" »

Rebuilding Your Credit After Declaring Bankruptcy

The relief an individual experiences shortly after his bankruptcy has been approved and his debts discharged is sometimes replaced by a feeling of financial uncertainty as he realizes his credit score ...
Continue reading "Rebuilding Your Credit After Declaring Bankruptcy" »

4 Tips for Managing Debt and Staying on Top of Payments

Debt is unsettling, and an unsustainable debt-to-income ratio should make a consumer feel a little wary. However, it’s possible for a consumer to have consistent debt without ever being ...
Continue reading "4 Tips for Managing Debt and Staying on Top of Payments" »

Why Bankruptcy is Not the End of Your Financial Future

Many individuals who make the decision to file for bankruptcy fear failure and embarrassment. However, this is simply not the case, as one can gather from the bankruptcy experiences of Mark Twain, ...
Continue reading "Why Bankruptcy is Not the End of Your Financial Future" »

How to Get a Loan After Filing Bankruptcy

If you have recently filed for bankruptcy and are trying to secure a loan, then do not be deterred by your recent financial history. This brief informational video provides viewers with an overview of ...
Continue reading "How to Get a Loan After Filing Bankruptcy" »

Cutler & Associates Bankruptcy Attorneys review on Google

Non-Client Gives Mr. Swanson HIGHEST Recommendation!!! I was at my wits end with my Bankruptcy Filing, Chapter 7. I had filed pro se, hired a different attorney, but it was Mr. Swanson who calmed my ...
Continue reading "Cutler & Associates Bankruptcy Attorneys review on Google" »

How Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Credit

Many individuals file for bankruptcy due to loss of employment, danger of repossession, or to avoid foreclosure. If you’re being forced to file for bankruptcy, then you’ll want to discuss ...
Continue reading "How Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Credit" »

How to Declare Bankruptcy

If you think that filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution to your financial troubles but you know next to nothing about the bankruptcy process, then watch this brief informational video. Find ...
Continue reading "How to Declare Bankruptcy" »

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