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Blog Posts in July, 2013

Understanding Common Debt Negotiation Mistakes

For some people, debt negotiation is a better option than filing for bankruptcy. By negotiating the terms of her debt with her lenders, a debtor can potentially reduce her total debt and halt ...
Continue reading "Understanding Common Debt Negotiation Mistakes" »

The Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the U.S.

In today’s economy, serious medical diagnoses don’t just take physical and emotional tolls—they can also leave many patients with extreme financial difficulties. In fact, medical ...
Continue reading "The Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the U.S." »

Medical Bills: The Top Cause of Consumer Bankruptcy

There is a common misconception that consumer bankruptcy cases stem from poor spending habits and improper credit card use. But according to a 2009 CNN report, medical bills are actually responsible ...
Continue reading "Medical Bills: The Top Cause of Consumer Bankruptcy" »

Your Guide to Wage Garnishment

Individuals who owe money to banks, government agencies, or other lenders may be compelled to pay back the amount owed through a judicial process known as wage garnishment. While your state or ...
Continue reading "Your Guide to Wage Garnishment" »

The Benefits of Working with Cutler & Associates, Ltd.

Consumers facing a legal issue may have a number of different attorneys to choose from in their metropolitan area. This video features a partner from Cutler & Associates who explains why their ...
Continue reading "The Benefits of Working with Cutler & Associates, Ltd." »

Filing Bankruptcy for Tax Issues: Liens and Levies

If you owe the state or the IRS back taxes, it is highly likely that these agencies will attempt to recover the money through liens and levies. Fortunately, debtors may have the ability to minimize ...
Continue reading "Filing Bankruptcy for Tax Issues: Liens and Levies" »

What Is Liquidation Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is often known as liquidation bankruptcy because it involves selling off property to pay off debts. Thankfully, many items are exempt from this liquidation—which ...
Continue reading "What Is Liquidation Bankruptcy?" »

Most Common Types of Personal Debts In America

Buying goods and services on credit is a practice as old as the country itself. Unfortunately, borrowing too much, without the ability to pay the lender back, can get people into trouble. These are ...
Continue reading "Most Common Types of Personal Debts In America" »

Steps to Take When You Are Considering Bankruptcy

The recession and its aftermath have made life harder for many Americans. If you are unable to make ends meet while also paying down your debts, bankruptcy may be an effective solution. Here are some ...
Continue reading "Steps to Take When You Are Considering Bankruptcy" »

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