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341 Meeting of Creditors: What Is It?

If you are experiencing difficulty meeting your monthly debt obligations but still have a steady income, you may be eligible to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. Through this process, you can work out a payment plan that allows you to keep your assets while slowly paying off your debts. If you file a petition, your bankruptcy trustee will hold a 341 meeting of creditors to ask questions about your financial circumstances.

Documents needed for a 341 meeting

The purpose of a 341 creditor meeting is to give your creditors the opportunity to ask you about your proposed payment plan. Before this meeting, your trustee will go over the documents you filed with the court, including your bankruptcy petition and all documents related to your assets, debts, and income. You will need to bring a form of photo identification and proof of your Social Security number to the hearing in order to prove your identity to the trustee.

Time and location of a 341 meeting

Your 341 meeting will be scheduled on a date between 21 and 50 days after the day you filed your bankruptcy petition. Because the hearing does not take place in front of a judge, the 341 meeting will not be held in a courtroom. Instead, it will be arranged in a formal meeting room.

Questions asked at a 341 meeting

During the meeting, you will be able to sit with your bankruptcy attorney during the questioning process. Your trustee will ask a series of questions to gauge the accuracy of the information you provided in your bankruptcy petition and previously submitted financial documents. Your creditors may also ask you questions about your financial situation.

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy petition, call Cutler & Associates, Ltd. at (847) 849-1834. Our experienced legal team can help you navigate the bankruptcy process in the state of Illinois. We can also prepare you for your 341 meeting of creditors.

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