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Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

It's true that you are unlikely to obtain a mortgage immediately after receiving a bankruptcy discharge, but you probably won't have to wait as long as you might think. You may only need to wait until two years after your bankruptcy discharge, depending on factors like your credit score, current income, length of current employment, and existence of non-dischargeable debt. If you filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you'll need to wait at least two years before applying for an FHA or VA loan. It is possible to obtain a mortgage while you're still making Chapter 13 payments, but you must have made at least 12 months of payments and the bankruptcy court must approve the mortgage.

You can hear more about bankruptcy and mortgages by watching this video. This attorney explains the factors that lenders will consider and reassures viewers that it is possible to get a mortgage after bankruptcy.

For the answers to all of your questions about filing for bankruptcy in Aurora, you can turn to Cutler & Associates, Ltd. Call our bankruptcy law firm at (847) 961-4572 and schedule your complimentary bankruptcy evaluation.

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