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Recent Posts in Bankruptcy Category

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Get the Answers to Your Questions About Debtor Education

For a bankruptcy petition to proceed, filers must meet two educational requirements. The first is an approved credit counseling course, which needs to be completed before an individual can file for ...
Continue reading "Get the Answers to Your Questions About Debtor Education" »

The Length of Your Repayment Plan

For certain debtors, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. During Chapter 13, the debts are reorganized and dealt with under a structured repayment plan. Some of those debts ...
Continue reading "The Length of Your Repayment Plan" »

What Is an Involuntary Bankruptcy?

Involuntary bankruptcies are quite rare. When they are filed, they typically involve a business, not an individual. An involuntary bankruptcy is filed by a creditor against a debtor who has not been ...
Continue reading "What Is an Involuntary Bankruptcy?" »

The Basics of the Bankruptcy Petition

There are a few tasks you need to complete before you can file for bankruptcy, but in general, the filing of the bankruptcy petition is the first official step in the proceedings. Your bankruptcy ...
Continue reading "The Basics of the Bankruptcy Petition" »

Explaining Bankruptcy to Your Kids

Young children need stability and consistency. But when a family faces financial hardship, it can be difficult to continue providing them with a lifestyle to which they're accustomed. After ...
Continue reading "Explaining Bankruptcy to Your Kids" »

What Can I Expect After Bankruptcy?

If you've filed for bankruptcy, you may have done so because you were being harassed by creditors and debt collection agencies. You may have even been sued in small claims court and you may have ...
Continue reading "What Can I Expect After Bankruptcy?" »

Preparing to Purchase a Home After Chapter 7

One of the most common concerns people have about filing for bankruptcy is whether they will ever be able to qualify for a mortgage. It's true that it's not common for bankruptcy petitioners ...
Continue reading "Preparing to Purchase a Home After Chapter 7" »

Can an Active Duty Servicemember File for Bankruptcy?

Much like police officers, members of the U.S. Armed Services are held to a higher standard of personal conduct than the average citizen. However, financial problems can and do happen to anyone. It is ...
Continue reading "Can an Active Duty Servicemember File for Bankruptcy?" »

Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

It's true that you are unlikely to obtain a mortgage immediately after receiving a bankruptcy discharge, but you probably won't have to wait as long as you might think. You may only need to ...
Continue reading "Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy" »

What Happens if You Get Married While in Bankruptcy?

If you have already filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it's a good idea to discuss any major life changes with your bankruptcy attorney. Getting married while in bankruptcy won't ...
Continue reading "What Happens if You Get Married While in Bankruptcy?" »

Objections to Bankruptcy Disbursements

After a bankruptcy lawyer files a petition with the court, a trustee will handle the details of how the creditors will be paid from the debtor's nonexempt assets. The trustee will develop a report ...
Continue reading "Objections to Bankruptcy Disbursements" »

Choosing Between Joint and Individual Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy law is complicated. Whether or not spouses should file bankruptcy together or separately is a conundrum that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Visit a bankruptcy attorney and ...
Continue reading "Choosing Between Joint and Individual Bankruptcy" »

Who Collects Payments in Chapter 13 Bankruptcies?

If you choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, you'll be required to submit a repayment proposal to the court. This outlines the way in which you'll pay ...
Continue reading "Who Collects Payments in Chapter 13 Bankruptcies?" »

A Guide to Rebuilding Credit After Your Bankruptcy Filing

Filing for bankruptcy represents a financial setback, but it also brings the promise of a brighter financial future. After you receive a discharge of your debts, you can begin rebuilding your finances ...
Continue reading "A Guide to Rebuilding Credit After Your Bankruptcy Filing" »

3 Things Not to Do Before You File for Bankruptcy

There's plenty to do to get ready to file for bankruptcy. There is paperwork to organize, a petition to prepare, and credit counseling to complete. Fortunately, if you've hired a bankruptcy ...
Continue reading "3 Things Not to Do Before You File for Bankruptcy" »

Before and After Your Chapter 7 Filing: What You Need to Know

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a complicated process. It's in your best interests to have a bankruptcy attorney handle your case for you; otherwise, you may have your case dismissed due to ...
Continue reading "Before and After Your Chapter 7 Filing: What You Need to Know" »

Facts for Seniors Who Are Considering Bankruptcy

When you envisioned your golden years, you may have thought about traveling around the world, taking up new hobbies, or spoiling your grandchildren. But far too often, senior citizens are forced into ...
Continue reading "Facts for Seniors Who Are Considering Bankruptcy" »

Creditors' Meetings Explained

After you file for bankruptcy, a meeting of creditors will be called. This is sometimes referred to as a 341 meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to verify the information contained within the ...
Continue reading "Creditors' Meetings Explained" »

Can a Bankruptcy Discharge Be Denied?

Filing for bankruptcy does not automatically mean that your request will be granted. The bankruptcy judge can dismiss or reject the case for a number of reasons. Sometimes, bankruptcy petitions are ...
Continue reading "Can a Bankruptcy Discharge Be Denied?" »

Examining the Homestead Exemption

Protecting your home during a bankruptcy crisis is a big concern. There are so many laws concerning bankruptcy, you might feel like you're drowning in paperwork. Then, throw the possibility of ...
Continue reading "Examining the Homestead Exemption" »

What to Expect in a Bankruptcy Court Hearing

You may not be expected to attend a bankruptcy court hearing, but it is possible. If needed, your bankruptcy attorney in Chicago can help you prepare or join you. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you ...
Continue reading "What to Expect in a Bankruptcy Court Hearing" »

What You Need to Know About Meeting with Your Bankruptcy Trustees

With the help of your bankruptcy attorney in Aurora, you've made the decision to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Through this process you'll have several meetings with various ...
Continue reading "What You Need to Know About Meeting with Your Bankruptcy Trustees" »

Purchase Money Security Interest in Bankruptcy Cases

There are many nuances of bankruptcy law and it can be difficult for many consumers to determine how the law might apply to their particular situation. When you consult a bankruptcy attorney, he or ...
Continue reading "Purchase Money Security Interest in Bankruptcy Cases" »

Answering Questions About Repeat Bankruptcies

Millions of individuals and companies have filed for bankruptcy protection. Although it carries a social stigma, filing for bankruptcy is a perfectly legitimate option for individuals who simply are ...
Continue reading "Answering Questions About Repeat Bankruptcies" »

What Are the Limits on Automatic Stays in Bankruptcy Cases?

As soon as your bankruptcy attorney files your bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay goes into effect. During the automatic stay, your creditors are prohibited from taking collections actions against ...
Continue reading "What Are the Limits on Automatic Stays in Bankruptcy Cases?" »
30 results found. Viewing page 1 of 2. Go to page 1 2   Next

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