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Recent Posts in Debt Category

Get the Answers to Your Questions About Debtor Education

For a bankruptcy petition to proceed, filers must meet two educational requirements. The first is an approved credit counseling course, which needs to be completed before an individual can file for ...
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The Length of Your Repayment Plan

For certain debtors, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. During Chapter 13, the debts are reorganized and dealt with under a structured repayment plan. Some of those debts ...
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Ways to Deal with Debt During Retirement

It's the American dream to work hard until you can retire in luxury. Unfortunately, past economic crises have hit people hard, but none more than those who thought they had already done the hard ...
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What to Do When a Debt Collector Calls

When a debt collector calls, it's natural to feel intimidated or perhaps even panicked - especially if your finances have spiraled out of control. However, just because you're in debt, this ...
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Recognizing the Signs That You Can't Pay Your Debt

For many people, the ability to pay off their debts is a point of pride. Paying off one's debts is traditionally perceived as indicating a solid work ethic and good moral character. However, ...
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Can Education Debts Be Discharged?

Before you make the decision to file for bankruptcy with the help of a lawyer, it’s essential to carefully review your finances. A bankruptcy attorney will evaluate your liabilities to determine ...
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What Are the Reasons Consumers Go into Debt?

Most consumers have some type of debt. Certain debts are even considered to be somewhat beneficial. If you're making mortgage payments, for example, you're building equity in your home instead ...
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Understanding the Credit Card Trap

It’s in the best interests of credit card companies to make it easy for consumers to overspend while making it difficult for them to pay off their balances. Credit card companies accomplish this ...
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What Is the Role of Bankruptcy Administrators?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, your attorney can help you understand the steps of the process and the roles of the individuals who oversee it. You may already know that the bankruptcy ...
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Steer Clear of These Types of Debt

While some debt is normal and can help raise your credit score, unhealthy amounts of debt can lead to financial problems and even the need to file for bankruptcy. This video outlines a few simple tips ...
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