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Chronic and life-threatening illnesses often require thousands of dollars in medical treatments. If the diagnosis is cancer, that figure could easily rise to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since many families simply can’t afford to cover these exorbitant costs, bankruptcy might be the only solution. If you’re struggling to pay off medical bills, consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about your situation.

The family featured in this video could very well need to consult a bankruptcy attorney about their difficult finances. When you watch this clip, you’ll meet Hunter Swain and her father. Hunter is a young girl diagnosed with leukemia. She’s still fighting the disease, but needs about a dozen different chemotherapy drugs—all of which are prohibitively expensive. So far, the family’s medical bills total about one million dollars.

Unexpected medical bills are a common reason why people in Aurora and the greater Chicago area consult bankruptcy lawyers. At Cutler & Associates, Ltd., a bankruptcy law firm, our attorneys understand the difficulties your family is facing.